How long do you need treatment for asthma?

In the video below I explain that asthma is a chronic condition, that may not go away. However, it can be managed very effectively and most patients have a normal life.

Controlling asthma well may require different levels of treatment depending on the behavior of the disease. Sometimes you may hardly use a reliever inhaler, while sometimes you may have repeated asthma exacerbations (flare-ups) which require intensive treatments with higher inhaler doses, more than one inhaler, tablets etc.

Children diagnosed with asthma may improve during their young adult years, however that is not always the case. Asthma diagnosed later in life does not generally go away completely, but may be variable over time.

For these reasons, some treatment is generally required long-term, in order to better manage the condition and achieve a near-normal quality of life (which is the aim).

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